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National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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‘Specstrojmontazh’ Company showed compliance with ISO 9001-2008 international certificate requirements

‘Specstrojmontazh’ Company went through the ISO 9001-2008 international code certificate audit which confirms the certificate given by TUV SUD Management Servic GmbH № 12 100 41113 TMS several years ago.
The presence of this document approves that business processes across the entire enterprise goes in line with the international quality management system. It tells about the reliability of the company, its production and services.

The audit was conducted by the ‘TUF ZUD Ukraine’ company, accredited agent of the T?V S?D Corporation (Munich, Germany).

V.Zavarza, a head of a quality control department says: ‘Whatever our Company does it always tries for complying with international standards and business management principals. Among these is customer needs orientation, mutually beneficial client relationships, quality improvement of the enterprise work, conditions of work and security of employees. The results of the audit shows the ‘Specstrojmontazh’ Company work matches with the requirements listed above. The presence of the ISO 9001-2008 is an indispensable condition of the negotiations of a treaty and a signing the contracts, it is an opportunity to find new partners and clients all over the world. For us it is also a chance to prove that a high professionalism is one the main business dealing principals in Ukraine.’

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