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Спецстроймонтаж ТВ

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Awards of the company

nagrada 10
National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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Clients` feedback

The works were
fulfilled with a high
quality and on time.
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Scope of activities

  • Fulfillment of construction and assemble operations on terms of general contract, introduction of objects into service
  • Designing: development of architectural part, constructional solutions for load carrying and envelopment constructions, engineering networks, equipment, estimate documentation
  • Assemblage of steel and concrete constructions
  • Installation of Pali Radice and bored piles, mud test by piles
  • Installation of cast reinforce frameworks
  • Engineering services: getting permissions for designing, building and getting approvals in local councils
  • Installation of external and in-house utility networks
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