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National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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‘Specstrojmontazh’ Company showed compliance with ISO 9001-2008 international certificate requirements

‘Specstrojmontazh’ Company went through the ISO 9001-2008 international code certificate audit which confirms the certificate given by TUV SUD Management Servic GmbH № 12 100 41113 TMS several years ago.



‘Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraina’ LCC designs material and technical facilities for the Erestovskiy mining and concentrating company (MCC)

Spetsstroymontazh Company is about finishing detailed engineering design of the storage facilities for the total productive maintenance of Erestovskiy MCC in Komsomolsk town, Poltavska oblast.



«Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» will build the biggest in CIS production facility of the company «Zeppelin Ukraine» GmbH

General contracting company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has started construction of production and technical facilities for repairing and maintenance of large hubs and Caterpillar devices of the company «Zeppelin Ukraine».



«Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» is finishing construction of tyre-fitting part for Eristovskij ore dressing complex

The company «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» as a general contractor finished main construction works of building of tyre-fitting part on the territory of maintenance of mining technique of LLC «Eristovskij ore-dressing complex».



«Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has finished erecting of hotel resort «Misto». Video

The company «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has finished main construction works of erecting 6-storey hotel resort «Misto» (192-A, Klochkovskaja str), which includes business centre and parking.



The company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» competed construction of gas treatment complex on the plant «Dneprostal»

The company  «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» completely finished construction of gas treatment complex of the  plant «Dneprostal» (Dnepropetrovsk). According to the contract, the specialists of the company completed assemblage of production equipment, the total weight of which is 2,750 tonnes.  The specialists of the company completed assemblage of gas treatment, heat-exchange units, station of nodulizing flue dust, chill down and non-chill down ducts, smoke pipe, air breathers and objects of shroud of arc furnace. All the works had been completed by February 2012. The control of fulfillment of the order was performed by the main contractor of the building, Italian company DANIELI.



«Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» increased production output

In 2011 the rate of increase of production output was 15% (in comparison with 2010). According to ag. executive officer Sergei Zhukov, by 2012 the company had already formed and contracted  amount of orders on the same level as in 2011. The rate of increase of production is expected to be on the level of 22%.


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