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Main > News of the company > «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has finished erecting of hotel resort «Misto». Video


«Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has finished erecting of hotel resort «Misto». Video

The company «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» has finished main construction works of erecting 6-storey hotel resort «Misto» (192-A, Klochkovskaja str), which includes business centre and parking.

On conditions of the main contract the assemblage of retaining constructions and concrete en block framework and flowing of base slab for the building of recreational and entertainment centre, which consists of swimming pool and fitness centre , were performed.  

The scope of fulfilled works is 4,5 thousand m3 of armed concrete. Moreover, the specialist of the company also performed the construction of drainage system and supporting walls of the building.

These works were performed in the period from August 2008 to December 2011. During the construction of hotel resort the company «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» used specialized machinery, including cranes MKG-25 BR, KS-3575, loader crane EurogrUE 36.10, concrete pumps TNR-60 and compressed air plant BSKD-5,25. The group of specialist, performing the works, consisted of more than 40 people.

According to Valerij Shmukler, the author of patented solutions, used in the process of erection of hotel resort «Misto», the specialists of the company «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» successfully performed construction of constructive-anisotropic slabs and deep beams.

«Instead of solid concrete structure in assemblage of the wall and floor structures of hotel resort, bordering with fitness centre and swimming pool, the concrete structures, filled with polystyrol, were used.  This innovation allowed to save 70% of consumable items and to solve architectural task: to erect the building, not loading aforementioned components. The load of the building on the ground is minimal and doesn’t break hydro-geodesic balance. That is why hotel resort «Misto» is called ecologically-friendly building»- told V. Shmykler.

He also noted that after the completion of building works these constructs successfully passed hydraulic-pressure tests, which lastes for nearly a month.

Moreover, according to V. Shmykler, «Spetcstrojmontazh-Ukraine» applied a unique technique of flowing of base slab for hotel resort. During 18-hours of continuous concrete casting, 700 m3 of concrete were flown.

Reference: the plant «Dneprostal» was build according to the cutting-edge technologies. Here, for the first time in steel making process, electric arc furnace will be introduced. Installed equipment is unique for Ukraine.

The company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» was founded in 1992. The company provides complex solutions for the tasks in the sphere of construction of industrial, commercial, residential and administrative objects. It has successfully implemented more than 70 projects. Among clients of the company are the following: «Severnij GOK», «Poltavkij GOK», «Stahanovskij Plant of Ferroalloys» and others.

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