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National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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fulfilled with a high
quality and on time.
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Occupational Safety

Organization of building works of the company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» is based on the acknowledged international principles of occupational safety and is aimed at enacting of constitutional provisions and laws of Ukraine, that provide protection of life and health  of citizens in the process of working practice.

The system of occupational safety management, which was developed by the company, presupposes multisampling control of the level of safety of production processes and compliance with the requirements of  labour legislation , standards of labour safety, rules and instructions on occupational safety by all departments and divisions of the company.

The system of occupational safety management also stipulates regulation of processes of interaction between employees of the company and bodies of State monitoring of occupational safety, State sanitary monitoring and State Fire Control Service.
For qualified solution of questions of occupational safety and prompt cooperation with Clients, on big building sites there are always specialists on occupational safety of the company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine».

The control of manufacturing processes and employee motivation allows to provide occupational safety. Thus, while erecting objects, ordered by  Procter & Gamble, the company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» reached 1,850,000 safely worked hours, which is acknowledged by Client`s diplomas.

All works and equipment of increased risk of the company passed control in different expert organizations.

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