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Awards of the company

nagrada 10
National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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The works were
fulfilled with a high
quality and on time.
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Quality control

The company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» considers quality control as complex of means, which allow cost effectively construct the objects according to the demands of the client.

Quality control is performed during the whole living cycle of construction product – from the analyses of client`s tasks to running of the object. In the course of development of the company, the programme of quality control is developed and implemented, the priority of which is quality control of workflow and the following quality control of products.

The programme of quality control is based on the demands of international standards ISO 9001:2001 and includes all means of provision of quality control:  
-    documentation system, governing the demands to the quality of performance of some workflow
-    the system of quality improvement of workflow
-    the system of fitting modern equipment, including metrical
-    the system of creation of conditions for employees` career enhancement
-    the system of motivation for improving the level of culture of quality control
-    the system of responsibility and material incentives of performers

The managers of structural divisions of the company are responsible for quality control of the workflow.

The programme of quality control also includes control of informational flow inside the company and communication with the clients:
-    coordination of queries, orders, contracts and amendments to these documents
-    targeted sending and control of receiving of results of technical and operational control

The deputy director on production of the company «Specstrojmontazh-Ukraine» holds responsibility for quality control of informational flows and communication with clients.

General managerial and engineering preparation is fulfilled according to the conditions of international building standards FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and current provisions of contracting contracts in the sphere of construction of Ukraine.


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