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Awards of the company

nagrada 10
National certificate Leader of the sector 2010 in the sphere of activity CTEA (KVED) 45.21.1. «Construction of buildings»/ National business rating «In factum veritas», 2010
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Clients` feedback

The works were
fulfilled with a high
quality and on time.
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Vehicle park

Earthwork operations

  • Digger TOTO, Hitachi, JSB
  • Dumping truck  Ford, Foton, Kamaz
  • Bobcat T-156
  • Earthmoving machines t-130


  • Drilling machine BG-28 for installation of Pali Radice piles d 630, 750 mm and depth to 25 l.m.
  • Drilling machine BG-12 for installation of bored piles d 620, 800, 1000 mm. depth 30 l.m. both with and without inventory borehole casing.
  • High-angle drilling tool on the crane MKG-25 for installation of bored piles d 400, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000mm, depth to 20 l.m.
  • Boring machine LBU-50 for screwing of land ties and installation of bored piles d 300, 400, 600 mm., depth to 10 l. m.
  • Set of equipment for ground testing by piles, load to 450 tonnes.

High-assembling building

  • Column cranes  Linden Comansa 10C140,carrying capacity 8 tonnes, jib length 55-60 l.m., load-lifting height 98 m.
  • Concrete pumps Waitzinger THP 60D, THP 80D
  • Automatic concrete pumps Waitzinger THP 60D MAN
  • Passenger and freight elevators GEDA
  • Circular concrete-pouring machines

Freight-elevating mechanisms

  • Autocrane SANY carrying capacity to 50 tonnes
  • Autocrane ZIL, KS carrying capacity to 10 tonnes
  • Cranes MKG on caterpillar tracks carrying capacity to 25 tonnes

Maintaining Mechanisms and Small-scale mechanization

  • Heavy hauler Volvo with semi-trailer Nelson for transportation of mechanisms, weight to 60 tonnes
  • Electricity generating stations AD-100/400
  • Mini electricity-generating stations Eisemann 4-10 kW
  • Machines for slandering and cutting of reinforcement
  • Welding sets
  • Manual electric tools


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